Gift packages for your relations

The white gold of Poperinge, a tested and unique gift package. Are you looking for a unique gift to thank people who have contributed to the success of your company? Do you want those people to receive something that’s truly one of a kind?

Our extraordinary hop shoot-based gifts show how much somebody means for you and your company. At Houblonesse we know our regional products are very much appreciated by our customers!

A perfect match for each of your employees, colleagues, suppliers and customers can be found in our diverse range of spirits and confectionary.

We are specialized

Tailor-made gift packages

with an original and unique character


with a heartwarming story

But wait, there is more

All of our gift packages can be perfectly personalized based on:
an e-ticket with logo or greeting card with logo and personal message

If you buy locally , you enjoy extra service!
Because we not only pack our gifts with great care, we also deliver them to the recipient with a smile if desired


Curious about what we have to offer? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Company visit

A look behind the scenes

Houblonesse grants people with disabilities opportunities to be involved in the production process. Their achievements are truly something to be proud of: making tasteful, sustainable and quality products, all within a safe and sheltered work environment.

We proudly present our new Houblonesse production facilities, specially developed for food processing.

Company visits contribute to our mission and vision as a company in the heart of the social economy. It gives you the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and discover the world of Houblonesse and the rest of our exciting company.


We offer different formulas to visit SOWEPO:

Company visit "Gourmand"

Formula appreciated by young and old!

(*Would you like to plan a company visit for more than 30 people? Then other prices apply. Please contact us for more info)

Welcome to Houblonesse

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