Houblonesse, a noble regional product

When the subtle taste of hop shoots meets other natural flavours, a noble child is born, ready to charm every menu it meets. The words “Houblon” and “duchesse” merged into Houblonesse, an exclusive and ennobled hand-crafted brand.

White gold of Poperinge

Hops are ubiquitous in the region of Poperinge. When people talk about hops, one immediately thinks about its share in beer production.

But did you know that hops have many other uses as well? Hop shoots – the young offshoots of future hop vines that are harvested in spring – are a real delicacy. Sought after by top chefs and gourmets, they are often called the White Gold. Hop shoots are carefully harvested by hand. This is a time consuming and labor-intense task that makes our product truly exclusive.

Do not confuse hops with hop shoots

Many assume that hop shoots taste bitter. This misconception is caused due to the mix-up between hop shoots and hop flowers. These flowers are used in the beer production process and produce a bitter aroma.

Hop shoots are the young offshoots of a hop vine and have a very subtle and exquisite taste. This is the flavour you will spot throughout the entire Houblonesse range. For our products, we specifically use the hard, fibrous part of the hop shoot.

In short


The authenticity of the Westhoek, hand processed into honest products

An innovative implementation of an abundant heritage.

A royal and qualitative premium brand for people seeking added value.

Corporate social responsibility with people experiencing difficulties in the regular working circuit to develop their talents

A contribution to circular economy by using a residual flow: the use of hop shoot stems, which would otherwise be thrown away.

Know-how meets savoir-vivre

In a region known for its Burgundian way of living, delicacies are omnipresent. But how do you know which taste combinations will be a direct hit?

Together with research institutions VIVES Academy and FOODPAIRING in Bruges, Sowepo vzw began its quest for aromas that would boost the subtle taste of hop shoots.

As a result from this quest, coffee, caramel, fats (e.g. cheese) and chocolate were identified as flavour enhancers.

Throughout the entire range of Houblonesse products, you will recognize these flavour enhancers, in which the exclusive character and intensive craftsmanship of hop shoots reaches its full potential.

Welkom bij Houblonesse

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