The best Jenever from Belgium?

This exclusive product really needs to listed be on your menu!

Whether you are the owner of a trendy bar, a specialty shop, or a cozy tearoom, Houblonesse has worked out a perfect offer for each B2B-customer!

Houblonesse in your restaurant, bar, tearoom

Poperinge, the capital of the “carpe diem” motto forms the perfect match with Houblonesse, creating the taste of a cozy get-together.

A cozy restaurant, a classy tearoom or a trendy cocktail bar, these are definitely the best places to meet up with friends and family.

At Houblonesse, we have designed our regional, hop shoot based products in such a way that they match perfectly with any menu, from delicious beverages to our irresistible sweets.

All of our products are available in B2B-packaging (adjusted quantities and packaging).

Houblonesse in your store

You create the perfect retail experience by presenting a unique offer on your shop shelves. One for which customers will come running to you!

All our delicacies are tasty opportunities for any connoisseur, either to enjoy themselves or to give as an original present.

We offer you POS-material in order to help you boost your Houblonesse sales.

Do you want to distribute our Houblonesse products?

If you are fully convinced of our unique story, and you want to sell Belgiums best Jenever in your shop, you want to use or our delicious spirits in a trendy cocktail, or you want to present a nice piece of craftmanship on your shop shelves, we can definitely become partners!

In order to create a successful cooperation inspired on hop shoots, we not only expect you to believe in circular economy, but also to demonstrate your love for corporate social responsibility. When you do so, you and your clients will be able to fully appreciate our honest and unique range of products and our heartwarming story.

Are you convinced?

Get in touch with our Houblonesse team. We guarantee you this will be a beginning of a beautiful cooperation.

Are you curious about colleagues already selling
Houblonesse in their shops?

You can look up every store that offers our Houblonesse products.

Welkom bij Houblonesse

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