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You can buy all Houblonesse regional products in various specialty stores spread all over Flanders. Feel free to look at our country map to find a stores with our products near you.

No store nearby? No problem at all! You can also order Houblonesse easily in our webshop.


Fancy a waffle with your coffee or a ‘dreupel’ Jenever? You’re sure to find a cosy tearoom or bar where you can try one of our spirits or confectionery

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B2B e-commerce? With pleasure! We are constantly looking for believers in our circular story as well as fans of our regional hop shoot products. Contact us and we’ll be in touch soon!

Do you have a specific question for us? Shoot! Customization is in our DNA, together we will find the solution to your specific questions and needs.

About the Houblones range

Houblonesse, that’s customization. You can’t compare our artisanal confectionery to the offerings of an industrial cookie manufacturer. Handcrafted, from on the hop field when harvesting the hop shoots, to baking the caramel wafers, to finishing and packaging splatters and gin bottles. And all by people who have the opportunity to develop their talents through these activities.

Houblonesse is craftsmanship in its purest form. Confectionery is baked by hand, bottles and goblets are labelled and finished by hand. A small deviation in color or shape represents the charm of our products.

Houblonesse is an own brand of custom company Sowepo vzw from Poperinge

We like to make your life easy. Together with Hannah Van Ongevalle, we’ve put together 10 -if we do say so ourselves- super tasty cocktails for you. Together we’ll turn you into the world’s best bartender in no time 😉 .

No! With us you will not find any E-numbers on the list of ingredients of our confectionery, just like traditional products should. Of course this has an impact on the shelf life of our regional products. But we assure you one thing: our regional products are SO tasty that you will have consumed them long before their shelf life expires 😊

Drinks :

Our spirits ( Hopscheutenjenever and Joie de Houblonesse ) have an unlimited shelf life due to their high alcohol content.

The ready-to-drink coffees have a shelf life of 24 months unopened. After opening, you can store it for another 6 months at a cool temperature.

Eggnog Has a shelf life of 24 months after production date. It is best to keep these in the fridge after opening.

Confectionery :

You will not find any E numbers in our caramel waffles and splatters. They are manufactured without preservatives that extend shelf life. That is why they have a maximum shelf life of 30 days from the date of production.

Caramel sauce has a shelf life of 6 months from production date.

Our spirits are packaged in beautiful stone jars with a sealable cork. You can give them a grateful second life as a stylish vase or table decoration. Glassware is endlessly recyclable. So your empty bowl of eggnog can be recycled without any problem via the glass ball, or serve as a storage jar in your kitchen. The plastic bags in which splatters and wafers are packed can be sorted at PDM. The outer boxes go with the paper and cardboard. This is how we make the waste mountain a little smaller together.

Order and send

We only deliver to addresses in Belgium.

Products can also be picked up in Sowepo vzw, Nederlandlaan 4, 8970 Poperinge

Any online order placed Monday through Thursday will be processed and shipped the same day or next business day.

Orders placed on Friday will only be shipped after the weekend.

Exceptions to this are statutory holidays and collective leave (this is always announced via our website)

Houblonesse works with shipping partner Bpost.

For orders under 70 euros you pay 7 euros shipping costs. Orders from 70 euros are delivered to your home for free.

Do you want to return your order?

That would be a great pity… But of course you can invoke the right to return your ordered products to us within 14 days of delivery: Sowepo vzw, Vlaanderenlaan 25-27, 8970 Poperinge. In this case it is important to send an email to , so that we are aware of your return. We will provide you with a withdrawal form with which you can return the products. Attention! The seal of the products must not be broken during a return. This applies to bottles, boxes and jars. Return shipment is always at the expense of the consumer.

Is your order damaged?

Send an email to and we will check this immediately. Include a photo of the damage with your email and mention the LOT number that you will see at the bottom of each product (sticker or stamp at the bottom of our products)

Do you have another problem or ‘complaint’?

We really don’t like that for you as a consumer. Send us an email to and we will quickly check how we can solve your problem!

Didn't find an answer to your question?

Didn’t find an answer to your question? Send them to us via and we will answer them as soon as possible.

Welkom bij Houblonesse

Deze site bevat enkele alcoholische producten. U moet 18 jaar of ouder zijn om alcohol aan te kopen in België.