Annual summer holiday from 16/7 – 7/8

Summer fun for young and old alike!😎☀

That’s exactly what we will be doing si the next 3 weeks! 🍹

From 16 July to 7 August, we will be closing our doors so that all Houblones employees can enjoy a blissful and carefree summer vacation!

This means that webshop orders will not be processed until August 8.

But no worries! All our B2B customers have been instructed by us to stock up on maximum Houblones rations to tide them over for the next 3 weeks. So you can continue to enjoy our fantastic beverages and regional products during our break! And before you know it… we’ll be back from never having been away 😉

Wondering where you can buy or taste ‘us’ during our summer vacations? Surf quickly to this webpage where all our outlets are mapped per category (store vs. catering industry).

See you soon!

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Welkom bij Houblonesse

Deze site bevat enkele alcoholische producten. U moet 18 jaar of ouder zijn om alcohol aan te kopen in België.