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An artisanal eggnog, prepared with a subtle touch of Joie de Houblonesse. Enjoy the soft and creamy taste of this eggnog, In which you shall recognize the typical features of hop shoots.
No artificial flavours or colours were added while making this eggnog. This product is therefor pure craftmanship!

Next to our eggnog variant in gift package size (200 ml), we do offer this golden “sirup” in a 700 ml jar.

Tip: our Houblonesse eggnog is delightful on its own or processed into cake batter or whipped cream. Enjoy!

Glass jar 700 ml, Alc. 14% by vol.

egg yolk (25,8%), sugar, evaporated milk, alcohol
96% vol. condensed milk, water, Joie de Houblonesse, spirit drink based on a
maceration of hop shoots 40% Vol., vanilla sugar

Contains no artifical flavours

Average nutritional values per 100 g:
– Energy 333 Kcal/1395 kJ
– Fats 10,8 g of which saturated 3,9 g
– Carbohydrates 34,0 g; of which sugars33,9 g
– Proteines 6,4 g
– Salt 0,1 g

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