Gift pack Herbert

6 Products


Would you like to please someone with original Houblonesse delicacies, packaged in a beautiful gift box? Under the motto “mix & match” you can choose how many and which Houblones products you want to give, all packed in a unique crate.

Herbert is a true bon vivant, so we named this gift crate after him.

For this gift box, we have made a selection of the following products:

– Caramel wafers (125 g)
– Splatters (125 g)
– Caramel sauce (250 ml)
– Advocate (200 ml)
– Jenever Coffee (750 ml)
– Bottle of Joie de Houblonesse (200 ml)

Would you rather choose which Houblonesse treats to gift in this handy package? With pleasure! Send us an email to info@houblonesse.be and tell us how you would like to “mix and match” these crates!

(Photo serves as a promotional image. Exact composition of this crate is described above)

Gift crate with 6 products

To preserve the artisanal character of our caramel wafers and splatters, we do not add preservatives to our recipe. Therefore, these products have a limited shelf life of 30 days after production date. It is best to take this into account depending on when exactly you want to give the gift crate.

butter, wheat flour, granulated sugar, pasteurized egg, Joie de Houblonesse, spirit based on
a macerate of hop shoots 40% vol., milk, sugar, vanilla sugar, yeast

Caramel wafers:
wheat flour, sugar, butter, pasteurized egg, caramel candy (9%) (sugar, pure hop shoot juice 22%, cream, glucose syrup, butter, water, thickener (pectin)), vanilla sugar

Caramel sauce:
water (44%), sugar (35%), glucose syrup(13%), pure hop shoot juice (7%), Joie de Houblonesse, spirit based on a macerate of hop shoots 40% vol., acidity regulator (citric acid)

egg yolk (25.8%), sugar, evaporated milk, alcohol 96% vol., condensed milk, water, Joie de Houblonesse, spirit based on a macerate of hop shoots 40% vol., vanilla sugar

Joie de Houblonesse
Spirits based on a macerate of hop shoots

Gin Coffee:
Coffee, Houblonesse hop shoots gin, cane sugar

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